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Pottery Chia Skull, Mexico (10 x 9 cm)

© 2019 Tesoros
Country: Mexico
Product Code: ACHI
Product Name: Pottery Chia Skull, Mexico
Product Description: Chia seeds not included. Chia Animal & Skull Instructions You can purchase chia seeds at most health food stores Start by wetting the clay with water. Put a small amount of water in a dish and sprinkle and stir in chia seeds (they will get a little gummy to help them adhere to the clay). Spread the wet seeds all around the grooved areas of the clay (a small paint brush works very well). Evenly distribute the seeds and avoid clumps. Keep the figure filled with water and spray the seeds if they seem dry. Place the clay figure in a dish to keep water from spilling. It will take several days and your chia seeds will start to sprout.
Retail Price: $16.00
Size: 10 x 9 cm
(2.54cm = 1 inch)
Category: Day of the Dead

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